Hi, my name is Catherine Woods, I am vegan for the animals, if you eat animals, please watch your cleanse and have a heart. I have been working as a psychic/healing practitioner for 32 years, I am based in East Wall, Dublin 3. I was lucky enough to be born with a caul on my face (written about in the bible - the sign of the mystic or healer). Over the years I have studied palmistry, astrology, I am a dream analyst, I have studied Reiki and Seichim to mastership level. I have studied the Tarot extensively, colour therapy, mediumship etc. I am currently taking appointments for June, July and August; Book 3 sections, pay for 2 and get 1 free!

I always see my clients face to face, this is very important as it's essential to build up a rapport with my client and enables me to connect with their aura and energy field. I use all my training and experience to help my clients to get to the root of their problems and to help heal them. We all heal ourselves, I am just a channel. Generally, I do an initial psychic reading (usually one a year is advisable), followed up by a few sessions of healing.

A few words of advice:

Spiritual healing is short term, a maximum of 6 sessions - never longer.

Also, genuine psychics do not ask any questions whatsoever, ie, names, date of birth etc, in fact no direct questions at all and usually don't look at their client.



Animal Healing

I am an animal healer. I do animal training and healing, which I don't charge for. I look for a donation for my wild cat fund. I have a colony of 40+ cats that I feed and neuter. I support the Dublin Husky Rescue. Please like their page on Facebook Dublin Husky Rescue Facebook page



DHR Forever Home

Dublin Husky Rescue's (DHR) time is running out at our current premises and are in desperate need of a permanent home so we can continue to rescue and rehabilitate Huskies (and other breeds which alot don't want to work with such as Akitas, Putbulls, Amstaff and Rottweilers) throughout Ireland. Click here to read more and make a donation.



Tarot/Psychic readings EUR60 for the employed, reduced rate for unemployed or students. Call me on 086 273 0399 for an appointment.

Spiritual healing appointments - lasting 75 minutes, will discover the root of your problem and heal it and will heal the symptoms. Maximum 6 sessions, for the worst issues. Call to make an appointment.

Spiritual House Clearances

Is your life not running to plan? Are you blocked / tired or unhealthy? Difficulty meeting your soulmate? Do you feel as though bad luck is following you around? It could be that your home has blocked energy. Easily healed with one session of spiritual healing. It takes approximately 2 hours and your life will change for the better, call to make an appointment.


Summer Special Offer

Tarot Cards Reading + Reiki Healing Section for 100€

For bookings call me on 086 273 0399




Summer guided meditation classes running every Monday - contact me by text message please
Enrol now!

Taking enrolments for Summer 2019

Healing through the Chakras, Healing with the Fairy Ring, Healing with the Mermaids, astral travel, mind projection, psychometry, mediumship, learn how to heal your life forever through meditation.

Monday - 8 pm to 10 pm, eur 10 per week. Enrol now, text Catherine at 0862730399. Unemployed/oap/student rate 5 eur.


One day Tarot Workshop

Next one Sunday September 8th - from 12.00 am to 5.00 pm

Covering all aspects of tarot / numerology / astrology / meditation / aura work / psychometry / colour therapy / chakras etc


Palmistry Workshop

Next one Sunday October 13th - from 12.00 am to 5.00 pm

Current workshop will cover all aspects of hand analyses of palm reading, all major lines and minor lines and all will receive a hand reading.


Phone to enrol - places still available

Location: Dublin 3 (2 mins from Spencer Dock luas)

Course is inclusive of a 60 page handout

Up and running now - reduced rates for unemployed.




Lastest Podcast

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast where Catherine was talking about the zoos on the radio 98FM.

"Zoos Are Barbaric, The Only Positives About Them Will Be When They Close Down"


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Clairvoyant Canines

Catherine recently participated in Clairvoyants Canines project research done for Annie Moriart about Dogs Psychic Side to promote Dublin Husky Rescue Center.




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